Welcome to ASSC Phones

With the global credit crunch affecting many countries, finding the right mobile phone contract can be a herculean task. In fact, its correct to say that with bad credit has been on the receiving end and have experienced numerous problems trying to find the right contract for their mobile phones. Luckily, phone contracts for bad credit have breathed a new lease of life to scores of people across the UK. ASSC phones have been at the forefront and continue to be an industry leader in the provision of affordable bad credit mobile phones contract. We are one of the leading and most trust bad credit mobile phones service providers across the UK.

What we do

As a trusted company dealing in bad credit mobile phones contract, we continue to provide people with bad credit an opportunity to get access to bad credit mobile phones contracts without feeling like they are second class citizens. We believe that bad credit may sometimes be beyond the control of a person and therefore we purpose to give equal opportunities and create an environment where our customers feel cared for irrespective of their credit history. As a leading bad credit mobile phones contract service provider, ASSC Phones continues to set the pace and put a smile to thousands of people with bad credit across the UK. We offer equal opportunities and create a conducive environment through which our customers can get access to the kind of handsets they want without feeling second class.

Who we are

It’s not by default that our name is a trusted one whenever bad credit mobile phone contract providers are mentioned. We have steadily and professionally scaled the ladders over the years to provide people from all walks of life who have bad credit with an opportunity to own new and refurbished mobile handsets irrespective of the status of their credit score. In our attempt to offer the best services to our customers, we are constantly partnering with the best in the industry. Money Supermarket is one of our trusted partners in according our customers with valuable information on mobile phone contracts comparisons. By visiting the site, you can compare a number of mobile phone contracts for bad credit and make an informed decision on what works best for you.

From the time we started out, we have been steadfast and ascribed to high levels of professionalism in so far as provision of bad credit mobile phone contracts is concerned. We believe in talking to our customers and reaching an agreement that is both good for us. Our customers have access to a wide range of bad credit mobile phone deals and we always ensure that the deals are affordable and flexible to them.

Getting approved

ASSC Phones is all about giving people with bad credit an opportunity to get approved for mobile phone contracts without experiencing difficulties. We are in the business of giving people with bad credit an opportunity to have new mobile handsets by giving them a contract that is affordable and also flexible. You simply need to apply based on the kind of contract you want and you will get approved and start making monthly payments as earlier agreed.

Why you should do business with us

  • We deliver what we promise
  • We do not discriminate against you based on your credit score status
  • We offer flexible bad credit mobile phone contracts
  • We have qualified personnel who treat customers with utmost respect.
  • We are a trusted provider with reach all over the UK
  • We approve your contracts and ensure you have a new handset with 24 to 48 hours