How to get a Phone contract with bad credit

With the technological advancements and release of new high end handsets every now and then, it might become devastating if you are refused a mobile phone contract due to bad credit. We all want to enjoy the best things in life and latest high end phones are not an exception. However, what happens when you are routinely rejected due to your credit history? Do you give up and resign yourself to the inconvenience of having to go for the Pay As You Go plan? Of course not! Nowadays, a number of companies in the UK have stepped up the game and are now offering mobile phone contracts to people with bad credit.

Of course, this is great news to people who have on many occasions been forced to contend with rejections due to the status of their credit report. However, it’s imperative to note that different network providers across the UK have a different benchmark they use to determine the presumptive risk of a person before they can be approved for bad credit mobile phones contract. In this regard, you need not burry your head in the sand but rather take it upon yourself to compare and choose a provider that is not only affordable but whose deal is agreeable to you.

To improve your chances of being approved, it’s important that you agree to make an upfront payment. This is essentially designed to help you improve your chances of being approved. As many providers deem people with bad credit as having a high risk, reducing the risk by making a down payment is a sure way of ensuring that you get approved for a bad credit mobile phone contract. In fact, your down payment is normally refunded together with interest at the expiry of your contract with the carrier or service provider.

Secondly, you can also go for mid range phones as opposed to high end latest smartphones. Mid range phones are not as expensive as high end phones and therefore this serves to reduce the risk on the part of the provider. The lower the risk on their part, the higher the chances of your contract being approved even if you have bad credit.

You can always go for a refurbished phone at the beginning of your contract, make timely repayments and renegotiate for a better contract mid way. This is after your provider ascertaining that you are able to make payments without defaulting.

What’s more? Always check the status of your credit report. Sometimes there could be an error on your credit report which you could rectify before applying for a phone contract with bad credit. The idea is to improve the chances of you being approved. If your credit report is in a worse state due to an error, resolving that error can immensely boost your chances of being approved for a mobile phone contract.

With all the above information, you don’t need to stay with your prepaid plans and avoid going for a mobile phone contract simply because you have a poor credit history.